Special SolutionsSan Juan Capestrano

San Juan, Puerto Rico New ConstructionSize: 32,161 SFConstruction Cost: $10.M Completion: 2015

San Juan Capestrano
San Juan Capestrano
San Juan Capestrano
San Juan Capestrano
San Juan Capestrano
San Juan Capestrano
San Juan Capestrano

Located in the beautiful Caribbean rain forest of Puerto Rico atop a hill overlooking San Juan bay, Acadia’s Capestrano campus provides a unique healing environment for this behavioral health facility. A “kink” in the floor plan allowed us to follow the tree line of the forest with the exterior wall of the 40-bed addition, while using the kink on the interior to increase visibility down the corridors from the nurse station. Partnering with a local architect and civil engineer helped us to navigate the complex permitting process, giving us stronger ties to local agencies, and provided assistance with translation of the customs and language on the island.

Check out this drone footage!

  • Team
  • David Brown, AIA, NCARB
    David Brown, AIA, NCARBDavid Brown, AIA, NCARB
  • Jason Putnal, RA
    Jason Putnal, RAJason Putnal, RA, CDT
  • Steven Reutter, AIA, NCARB, CDT, CCCA
    Steven Reutter, AIA, NCARB, CDT, CCCASteven Reutter, AIA, NCARB, CDT, CCCA
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  • So is this facility located in a jungle or a forest? We learned after mistakenly calling it a jungle that it is located in a rain forest. What's the difference? Jungle = things will eat you in there. Forest = you can eat the things in there.