Holistic Addiction Treatment for Wilmington

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Wilmington Addiction Treatment Center
Jan 23, 2017 JJCA Projects

The new Wilmington Addiction Treatment Center will greatly enhance the ability of the hospital to treat patients, filling a vital need for this North Carolina community. The combination of a specialized treatment unit and outpatient facilities will provide a holistic, continuum of care to maximize the potential for effective addiction treatment. Phase 1, a 40-bed new treatment unit being built on the existing campus, will provide a controlled environment for the detoxification phase of rehabilitation treatment. Additional inpatient treatment will continue to take place in an existing building. The new two-story, 31,480 square-foot facility allows for male and female populations to each have their own floor. The building features exam rooms, bedrooms, counseling rooms, a dining area, lounge, nurse station and outdoor recreation area. Much-needed staff amenities are also an integral part of the design, including a large conference room and a fitness room. Phase 1 will be completed this year.

Supporting the secondary phases of rehabilitation treatment, a new Partial Hospitalization Center (PHC) will provide 96 beds in two buildings on a campus adjacent to the new treatment unit. A voluntary program allows patients to check themselves into the PHC for 30 - 35 days to receive healthy-lifestyles counseling in a therapeutic, patient-focused environment. The PHC campus will include a 38,900 square-foot hospitalization center, featuring exam rooms, counseling rooms, group
classrooms, a lounge area, cafe, and a dining area. Also critical to creating a healing environment is focus on the outdoors, where patients will find recreation lawns, a basketball court, and walking paths punctuated by reflection areas. Staff areas include a conference room, break room, and offices that can be used for services offered to both patients and the community. Two dorm buildings, one each for male and female, replace offsite dorms and will house the patients during their stay at the PHC. Each includes a fitness room to encourage exercise as a part of overall well-being. The PHC will be ready in 2018.

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