March Mug Shot: "The Beach"

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Mar 9, 2017 JJCA Creating Special Places, Projects

Our March Mug Shot is brought to you by Jason Putnal, who, along with David Johnson, has been making the trek to 'the Beach' for well over a decade. This particular beach isn't the sandy kind, it's Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital, aka HGB, or 'the Beach' and it's located far from the ocean in Charlotte, Michigan. There's no need for caffeine to feel 'AL!VE' when working with HGB's innovative CEO Matt Rush and his team. It's always an adrenaline rush to find out what's next. Since 2003, we've completed a two-story addition to the main campus building and countless renovation projects at the main campus. Then came AL!VE, a most unique experiential health park brought to life through the adaptive reuse of an abandoned grocery store. The hugely successful multi-phase project that now includes outpatient rehab, women's health, extensive wellness and fitness space, and a cafe, was creatively financed through a combination of HUD, the hospital and community funding. (A little shout out to our own Michael Speck, who was on board to help navigate the complexities of the HUD-242 funding process!)

Jason admits he ordered this particular mug online because who takes coffee breaks at the beach?


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