May Mug Shot: Detroit

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JJCA Mug Shot
May 8, 2017 JJCA Projects

May's Mug Shot comes to us from Steven Reutter, who has made many a trip to Detroit over the years. Our work with Acadia has taken Steven, Halie, Stefan and others to Detroit for several projects. We've worked at the Mayfield Campus of the Detroit Behavioral Institute as well as with StoneCrest Center Behavioral Health Hospital. In fact, we've been working on the tranformation of a former medical surgical hospital campus into the StoneCrest Center Behaviorial Health Hospital for a number of years. It takes a little caffeine to figure out how to convert a 35+ year old hospital into a facility that is safe and secure for behavioral health patients and staff but we've made tremendous progress! Kudos to Acadia for their commitment to this long-term project that is creating a beacon of hope in an economically challenged community. We look forward to further redevelopment of the campus to achieve the vision of the master plan - and to many more opportunities to grab a cup of coffee and a "sammich" at our favorite lunch spot near StoneCrest Center. 

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