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JJCA travel bag
Aug 7, 2017 JJCA Lessons Learned

We've worked in 47 of the 50 United States (including Alaska and Hawaii.) We've completed projects in Puerto Rico, Vietnam and a number of other countries. At any given time, we could be working in several dozen different cities on a broad range of healthcare or education design projects. So you can imagine that we have gotten to be very efficient at packing. Here's a sneak peek inside a typical JJCA business travel bag:

  1.  Laptop
  2.  JJCA scale (They're also our freebie giveaways to new clients)
  3.  Writing implements (You never know when you'll be in need of a pen, pencil, or marker on site.
       Some of our faves: Pentel, Sign Pen, Pentel Twist Erase .5 or .7, or .9 for the heavy handed like
       Ed George, or Pilot Precise v5 extra fine)
  4.  Extra-long phone charger cable (for that hard to reach airport or hotel outlet)
  5.  JJCA padfolio for notes on-the-go
  6.  Measuring tape (At least 5 feet, in case you are on your own)
  7.  Headphones (For travel and for focus - business and pleasure!)
  8.  Sunglasses (For the obvious or as makeshift safety glasses in a pinch)
  9.  Roll of trace paper (For designing on the go)
  10. Watch+ (Apple watch, fitbit, or jawbone to get credit for every step!)
  11.  Drawings with a handy carrying case (Third Hand is the brand)
  12. Phone tripod (Mostly to capture images for our marketing team :)
  13. Tablet and stylus (to pull up drawings on site walks and mark up as you go)
  14. Swell bottle (Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)
  15. Portable charger (For a boost no matter when or where)
  16. Business Cards
  17. Phone

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