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Chase Turpin
Jan 30, 2018 JJCA Office News

A big JJCA welcome to our newest team member, Chase Turpin. Another of our UT Knoxville graduates, Chase is a rare-these-days Nashville native. He received his bachelor's degree in Architecture in 2014 and comes to us with several years of experience under his belt that he is already applying to some of our Acadia projects.

Chase enjoys learning, or at least that's how he frames his relentless use of "why", particularly when it comes to how projects are organized! We'll have to take him at his word though, given that his top strength is "learner" followed by "analytical" so it all fits!

One of Chase's first experiences with JJCA was to participate in our annual retreat. Imagine his surprise when he stepped away from the big group dinner for a quick trip to the restroom and returned to find that literally everyone was gone but the server still seemed to be serving a phantom group! For a moment there, Chase thought he'd stepped into the Twilight Zone. Had he made up the job, the retreat, the whole thing? Why was this happening to him? Welcome aboard, Chase. We're pretty quick on our feet with a prank!

While Chase's design skills drew us to him, it is his love of food that is sure to make him a great fit at JJCA. Chase's discerning palate runs the gamut from Mexican, to pizza (he mourns the demise of Mr. Gattis) to Natchitoches meat pies. But his real obsession is Buffalo Wild Wings and his long-term plan is to co-own one with his brother and live right there so he can eat wings to his heart's content. His fiance Gena isn't totally on board, but we say:

Why not, Chase, why not?

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