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Mar 27, 2018 JJCA Improving the Human Experience
We recently concluded our series of "ENJOY" social media posts where each person in our office reflected on projects and personal events that bring us great joy in our work and our lives. We share JJCA founding partner David Johnson's inspirational post below. (David is pictured far right above, with partners Steven Reutter, left, and David Brown, center.) 
I received a great compliment recently. Someone called me a "business architect". When I asked how so, the gist was that I didn't just develop master plans or design buildings, I solved problems. In a nutshell, that's exactly what we at JJCA aspire to do. 
It is the norm that a master plan for a rural hospital is a journey that evolves over time. This journey typically starts with the challenge of finding affordable financing, then proceeds with prioritizing and reprioritizing project phases to solve problems one by one. Working with these hospitals, often for a decade or more, provides me and many of my JJCA colleagues with the opportunity to become true partners with the staff. Just one of many great examples of this journey has occurred at Macon County General Hospital, a project that was on the drawing board for nearly a decade before breaking ground. We're excited for the hospital and the community that the first phase is underway. 
I am blessed that my passion, developing master plans, has resulted in both rewarding projects and enduring relationships. Having worked with rural hospitals for nearly three decades, I've come to understand that helping small communities find innovative ways to provide affordable, quality healthcare is not just a life-saving but a life-changing challenge. 
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