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CONSTRUCT conference
Oct 25, 2018 JJCA Lessons Learned

Staying on top of industry trends is very important to us at JJCA so we try to send folks to a variety of seminars and conferences to soak up new info and bring it back to share with the rest of their colleagues. The recent CONSTRUCT conference in Long Beach, California was put on largely by CSI (Construction Specification Institute, not to be confused with the other CSI!) and attended by Stephanie Pielich and Will Parker.

CONSTRUCT is the only dedicated national trade show and education conference for commercial building teams that spec and source building products. It was a great way to get a glimpse of how the industry is expected to change with the next generation and how products will change to support that. And speaking of the next generation, something that will have a profound impact on businesses is data and where it is stored. Millennials are storing about 30% more data than GenX'ers and they are much more likely than previous generations to store it in the cloud rather than on a hard drive.

To relax the mind between trade-show touring and informational sessions, Stephanie and Will "beared" their artistic souls in the BEHR paint booth. They also got a quick glimpse of the beach and a little royal treatment with a tour of the Queen Mary.  Talk about something that was's an interesting fact: Because of its technological innovation, a 1932 Popular Mechanics article called the Queen Mary “the Sovereign Ship of the Seas.”



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