2018 Retreat Really Stacks Up

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JJCA Retreat 2018
Oct 31, 2018 JJCA Office News

We work together. We play together. And we serve together.

Our annual retreat provides an opportunity for our team to get away and spend quality time together. While our focus typically is on team building and learning, it was only fitting that this year's retreat also incorporated our annual theme of "Serve". We spent much of our retreat at New Frontiers, where we were able to combine team building and volunteering into a great event.

Day 1 offered up the chance for us to see how our team building skills stacked up...literally. The goal was to see which team could stack their crates the highest. Even with a re-match, the team of David Brown, David Johnson, Steven, Tim, Chase, Sommer, Jason Varrin and Julie Brown won both times. Take a close look at the photos folks. You'll see that we will go to great lengths and heights, to win!

We've added several new team members since last year's retreat so it was a great time to indoctrinate new folks into the JJCA culture with a little JJCA trivia contest. Just a few interesting tidbits:

- Ray Stevens was JJCA's first landlord at the original JJCA office located on 17th Avenue South.
- Julie Carpenter was compensated with a quilt for her first year of work at JJCA. Now that's a warm welcome!
- There have been a total of 91 employees (including interns) from our founding in 1991 to 2018.

In an effort to learn a little more about each other, we played a game of "getting to know you". See if you can guess:

  1. Who was an extra in the Hannah Montana movie?
  2. Who gets a little fussy when his wife makes food for other people?
  3. Who is our resident Minesweeper expert?
  4. Who is a collector of fonts?


Day 2 was dedicated to serving, and an opportunity to return the favor to our hosts at New Frontiers who helped us enjoy Day 1. We worked on landscaping and helped clean out buildings on the vast property that houses this awesome faith-based adventure programming facility.

We are all rested and ready to take on new challenges together!

(Answers: 1. Meredith, 2. Will, 3. Ed, 4. Rachel)



Retreat 2018

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