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JJCA survey
Nov 9, 2018 JJCA Lessons Learned

Every few years, we survey our clients and business partners in an effort to learn how we are doing and identify things we might do better. In our 2018 survey, our overall average survey score was a 4.56 on a scale of 1 - 5, with 5 being the highest possible score of "strongly agree" and 1 being the lowest possible score of "strongly disagree."

On the top end of the scale:

  • Working with the people at JJCA is an enjoyable experience:  4.79
  • JJCA quickly resolves any issues that arise during a project:  4.74
  • JJCA clearly demonstrates an appropriate level of experience and expertise in their design and documentation efforts: 4.73

And the lowest scoring items:

  • I feel I receive the same level of service from each of the employees at JJCA: 4.33
  • JJCA demonstrates a sincere, firm-wide focus on developing "lean" thinkers who are continuously seeking opportunities to eliminate waste in the design and construction process: 4.30
  • The quality of JJCA’s consultants' construction documents met/meets our expectations: 4.25

We were exceptionally pleased that 100% of those surveyed responded that they would recommend JJCA. And we appreciated the many positive comments we received from survey participants, such as:

"JJCA's teamwork approach coupled with their NO EGO mentality makes for an enjoyable experience every time."

"Open, honest and hard work; It shows and is appreciated! I value this relationship."

"Having partners that want to work together to resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and in the most cost effective manner makes projects successful."

We thank everyone who completed our survey in 2018. We know that every interaction with our clients and partners is critical. Honest feedback must take place on a continuous basis and we welcome your constructive input any time.  

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