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Explore "Lean" Metal Panels
Nov 14, 2018 JJCA Office News

It is true that time is money. So when we can find ways to save time, our clients benefit.  We recently saved Explore! Community School as many as 4 weeks by taking a very "Lean" approach to the insulated metal panel shop drawing review.

The traditional back and forth approach starts with drawings going from the sub-contractor to the contractor for review, then to JJCA to review, then back to the contractor to return to the sub-contractor. The whole cycle is repeated all over again if there are questions or revisions.

Our "Lean" effort started with a concurrent review of the drawings by JJCA and the contractor, followed by a meeting that brought us together with the contractor, insulated metal panel sub-contractor, insulated metal panel manufacturer, steel sub-contractor, and the structural engineer. In that meeting we coordinated window opening sizes, steel placement, sequencing, detailing and dimensions. The review was then finished and with one more meeting, we were ready to return the submittals.

Saving up to 4 weeks.... now that's what we call working smarter!

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