Scholarship Winner's Passion Began Early

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Lisa Maggi
Dec 3, 2018 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

We are pleased to announce the first recipient of our new JJCA Annual Scholarship at Auburn University, Lisa Maggi, who hails from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The scholarship will be awarded annually to an Architecture major enrolled in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction.

We like folks who demonstrate a true love for architecture and Lisa is clearly one of those people. A budding architect as early as the fourth grade, Lisa discovered her passion as she designed houses for Barbie in her basement.

Lisa says she has realized that her love for design is in the study of relationships - between people, between spaces, and between people and the spaces they occupy. We like that about her as well. After all, relationships, in one form or another, are really everything.

Join us in congratulating Lisa on her scholarship and in wishing her well as she looks forward to "using her new insight to positively affect the world through creation and innovation."

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