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Envelope Training at JJCA
May 10, 2019 JJCA Lessons Learned

When Deangelis Diamond's (DD) Director of Field Operations Nick Pair asked us to teach a class to their field superintendents on envelope construction, we were more than happy to accommodate. Over 50 people attended the training session, where David Brown, with Nick reinforcing key points, defined the two major types of envelope – a barrier system and a drainage plane system - and reviewed details on how these should work. Focusing on locations where materials change: wall to window, EIFS to brick, wall to roof, with a variety of claddings - supported the mantra that when it comes to drainage plane systems, the building should be water tight while the veneer is still on the truck. In the hands-on portion of the class, supers had to locate the drainage plane on 12 different wall section details.

As DD's number one reason for warranty calls or rework, it's no wonder Nick wanted all DD team members to become experts in constructing quality building envelopes to reduce warranty cost and further provide a quality product and service to clients.

Thanks to Tim Morgan and DD’s marketing team for providing some great slides to illustrate our key points!

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