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Chase's wedding
Aug 5, 2019 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

You might say that Chase Turpin has had a milestone year or so. It all started last July 7th, with his wedding to Gena. It was a night to remember, including a mascot dance-off between Smokey and Harry Dawg. You'll have to ask Chase who won, but he'd probably say Smokey, though his in-laws would surely argue for Harry Dawg. And how memorable would it be to ride away in a beautiful Bentley, only to find out later that it was stolen? Fast forward a year and Chase and Gena are expecting a baby boy in November!

Somehow in the midst of starting a family, Chase found time to do the heavy lifting required to get his architect's license. This is a milestone Chase has been dreaming of since graduation. He says the licensure process has been invaluable in better familiarizing him with all of the disciplines that must come together to construct a building that adapts favorably to owner requirements and site constraints.  We are very proud to add Chase to the growing list of licensed architects at JJCA. 

Love, marriage, baby carriage, AND an architect's license: go Chase!


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