Jason Putnal: Digging Deep for Creativity

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Nov 5, 2019 JJCA Projects

JJCA's annual theme of "Dig" has challenged us all to identify ways to expand on our strengths and nobody can deny that creativity is a strength for Jason Putnal. But he has found ways this year to further push his creative boundaries:

"My dig had to do with getting back to some creativity in my personal and professional life. Being more in the project management role the last few years, I've spent less time drawing, designing, and being creative than in years past and I find myself missing it. So, my dig has been taking on projects in my personal life that push my boundaries some, figuring out how to do some things that I didn't know how to do before, like renovating a bathroom at home, from tile floors and walls (and all the prep) to installing a shower faucet. I also started keeping a sketchbook which I haven't done since graduation and got back into sketching just for the fun of it. I've also started a woodworking project - a desk that will be a Christmas gift for Ella. I'm pushing the boundaries of my knowledge of joinery techniques on that project and also doing some research on the expansion of lumber and techniques for keeping large joints from cracking over time by allowing for movement at the right locations."

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