The JJCA Virtual Water Cooler

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JJCA Virtual Water Cooler
Mar 24, 2020 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Life as we know it may have changed for a while but we're finding ways to get together even if we have to work apart.

It didn't take long to realize how much we enjoy each other's company at work when we could no longer do so. As of last week, we began taking 30 minutes each day to "Zoom" in and touch base with each other. (You might want to Zoom in to see where and with whom some of our staff members seem to be spending their time!)

Envisioning everyone as though we are back at our desks, we go around the "room" in the order in which we sit at work and take a few minutes each to share an update. As you might expect, we discuss some very work-oriented things, like project reports and obstacles we are facing with working remotely. But we know it is important, particularly right now, to shift for a few minutes to the lighter side of life. Today we asked everyone to share one positive that has come from our current situation. Given how much we all typically travel, the opportunity to spend more time at home with spouses, kids, and pets is a list topper. We're also finding very creative ways to connect with old friends. Of course there have been a few virtual happy hours, Netflix parties, etc.!

We're all making the best of a tough situation and hope you are too.

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