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Stephanie Jarrett-Thorpe and Linda Mark
Oct 20, 2020 JJCA Lessons Learned

COVID-19 may be forcing this year's EDspaces conference to go online but it won't be keeping our firm's education practice leader Linda Mark, along with Explore! Community School's principal, Stephanie Jarrett-Thorpe, from conducting a class for architects, designers and educational institutions entitled "Smart Design for Project-Based Learning in an Urban Setting." With JJCA's project to design Explore! as their case study, Linda and Stephanie will be covering several learning objectives, from the benefits of shared services to safety considerations, by demonstrating how each has played out successfully in the new school.

Explore! is located in the heart of the massive Envision Cayce project that is replacing Nashville's largest public housing community. Built to support project-based learning for teaching 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, the new school has become not just the pride of students and parents, but an entire community that sees Explore! as both a prized educational institution and a valuable shared community resource.

Linda and Stephanie will pre-record the bulk of their session that will then be presented "live" to participants and will be followed by a Q&A session with the presenters.

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