A Pipe Dream

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Belmont piping
Feb 24, 2020 JJCA Improving the Human Experience

We often lose sight of everything it takes to make a building design work. That's because there's a lot we never see. And if we give any thought to "out of sight" items, it is likely what is behind the walls or above the ceiling. It's rare that we consider what has to happen underneath a building. However, particularly on a project as large as Belmont Behavioral Health, a $100 million Acadia hospital replacement project in Philadelphia, running pipes is actually a very complex intersection of foundations, foundation support areas that cannot be disturbed, different types of pipes and conduits, and structures such as grease traps and storm water structures.

This very cool image, prepared by our construction manager partner (ALPA), reflects input from mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and foundation subcontractors, along with design team engineers, in order to avoid conflicts during installation.


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