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Linda Mark, JJCA
Mar 18, 2020 JJCA Lessons Learned, Education

Who better than our education practice leader, Linda Mark, to exemplify the importance of continuous learning? Her latest educational achievement is an A4LE Vibrant Learning Environments Certificate. The certificate is for both architects and educators and is taught by industry-leading professionals whose focus is on re-imagining student learning, classroom design and teaching strategies.

As part of the classroom experience, Linda participated in a group project to convert existing space in a ficticious school into a contempororary and vibrant learning environment based on concepts discussed during the course. Linda's group developed images of what the space could look like, created a Revit model of the space, and provided diagrams illustrating the flow, daylighting, and connectivity.

Linda has had ample opportunity to update and create new learning spaces in her many years of designing a variety of education spaces. Check out, Explore! Community School, one of her latest projects. 

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