Walk the Talk: Shaping our Mission

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Making pottery
Apr 6, 2020 JJCA Improving the Human Experience

It seems like ages ago now that our JJCA team got to do something together that didn't have us meeting online in a Brady Bunch style Zoom meeting. But back at the beginning of March, we got to flex our creative muscles for a team-building event designed to bring to life several important concepts that are integral to the JJCA way of life..

We began 2020 with a new vision and mission. We believe our vision, "Improving the human experience through thoughtful design," can be achieved through our mission to:

Listen carefully, lead relentlessly and develop intentionally.

Because we know these are just words unless we are able to walk the talk, we wanted to tap into the creative juices of our team and let them show us what these words mean to them. And in typical JJCA style, we let our annual theme of "shape" guide us towards a fun way to bring our mission to life: we made pottery!

Nobody knew in advance exactly what their task would be but David Brown's instructions gave just a few hints. We knew we'd be getting our hands dirty. We knew we were going to be asked to create something. And we were asked to choose one of the mission components (listen, lead, develop) and prompted to think about the following:

What does this mean to you?
How has JJCA done this in the past?
How can JJCA do this better?
What’s your role in this?
How does this statement manifest itself in your day to day?

Covid-19 may be delaying our receipt of the final, fired pieces our group made. But it didn't stop us from pouring everything we had into our assignment to shape and paint a mug that helped to demonstrate the three components of our mission. Stay posted for the unveiling of our mugs and the stories they will tell.

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