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Wick drains
Apr 15, 2020 JJCA Lessons Learned

Our friends at Christman Company have been pulling out all the stops - including working in the snow and during third shift - to install wick drains for our UHS Beaumont project in Dearborn, Michigan.

What's a wick drain you ask? Well, it doesn't actually "wick" anything. The goal of wick drains is to expedite the process of soil consolidation to ready a building pad for the foundation. Think about it like putting a heavy book on the corner of a poster that's been rolled up for a while so it will lay flat. Once the wick drains are installed and the building pad is prepped, dirt is spread to "load" the drains. The load is then removed and the pad is ready. Now that's pretty wicked!  

When completed, the new $40 million mental health hospital will encompass more than 100,000-square-feet and will double current capacity for this joint venture with UHS and Beaumont for inpatient mental health care.

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