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Steven Reutter's 20th anniversary
Sep 2, 2020 JJCA Office News

Steven Reutter's cool, laid-back style belies his ability to work methodically through a to-do list that would crush the average person. His organizational skills are truly second to none. We imagine that he has accomplished tasks numbering as many as a googleplex (look it up - that's a LOT) in his 20 years at JJCA. David Brown labels Steven's dichotomous characteristics as "sneaky awesome" and says this style, along with keeping commitments, listening, and caring deeply about others and his work, inspires real confidence in clients.

When it comes to practical jokes, you might call Steven "snaky" awesome. Who would have imagined that when he and Michael Speck packed that rubber snake in the return FedEx box after a convention (the intention was to spook Susan Sanders - which didn't work) that the snake would show up in random places inside and outside of the office for years? After sufficiently scaring the vendor who waters the plants at JJCA, the snake was summarily retired!

One tradition that continues at JJCA and is a favorite for Steven is the annual ornament contest and presentations. He says the competition is fierce and coming up with a design idea can be so stressful that people often wait until the day of the event. We're pretty sure that Steven wouldn't be one of those last-minute types!

Steven's cool factor is enhanced by the enduring presence of his signature mustache, which he's had pretty much since he could grow one. Speculation is age 9, but we've located photographic evidence that suggests he started growing it by age 13. Steven's California roots may explain his affinity for hip-hop music, which, rumor has it, he has to listen to somewhat on the sly at home. Not so much when he jumps in the car to go grab a gyro for lunch, however, when we hear he lets the music thump!

2020 Hindsight

Steven's description of 20 years at JJCA sounds like a great roller coaster ride: a lot of ups and downs but super fun all the way through. He attributes the enjoyment of his two-decade ride to the overwhelming professional and personal support system as well as the people he works with, many of whom have been at JJCA as long, longer, or nearly as long as he has been. In fact, Steven followed closely behind fellow Auburn alum and friend Jason Putnal, joining JJCA in September just months after Jason came on board.

Over the last 20 years, Steven has traveled to 22 states as well as Puerto Rico for JJCA projects. He became a partner in 2016 and is the firm's behavioral healthcare practice leader. Somehow he's also managed to marry Mandy, have 4 kids (Caleb, Hanna, Lily and JJ) - oh - and adopt a pup, Sirius. The work travel doesn't seem to tire Steven, but instead inspires personal travel, including beach and Disney trips. While Steven says this year's plan to travel to Israel has been postponed, hopefully that, along with a cross-country RV trip will happen in the next few years.

To quote Lil' Wayne: "I been around. I'm still around, like them Geico cavemen." Well Steven, we hope you are still around JJCA for at least another 20 years!

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