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EP Friendly Firm
Oct 26, 2020 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Development of our team has always been a top priority at JJCA. In fact, when we spent time in 2019 revising our company mission, we wanted to include "development" as a cornerstone of that statement:

Listen carefully, lead relentlessly, develop intentionally.

So we are very proud to have earned, for the third time, the designation of Emerging Professionals Friendly Firm (EPFF), selected by the Tennessee Chapter of the AIA. This award recognizes the Tennessee firms that make professional development and leadership opportunites for younger staff members and integral part of their firms' overall studio culture as well as their business policies and practices.

According to Stefan Balcer, "JJCA is truly unique in its approach to providing young staff members with a high level of involvement in projects, almost from day one.  There is no substitute for learning from direct, on-the-job experience."


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