Sounding the Alarm for New Team Member Michael Horan

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Michael Horan
Jan 25, 2021 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Our newest team member, Michael Horan, comes to us from from South Carolina by way of L.A. Originally from Spartanburg and a Clemson graduate with both a bachelor's and master's degree in architecture, Michael brings experience in LEED design from his work at Callison RKTL in Los Angeles. While at Clemson, he was also heavily involved in wood construction research pertaining to affordable housing.

We are drawn to talented and interesting people and Michael's list of hobbies illustrates that he is a fun guy, inside and out. He likes to draw, read, watch movies and hang out with friends. His outdoor hobbies include hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, and cycling.  Put an "ing" on a great outdoor activity and Michael seems to be doing it!

Always ones to wonder about food, we asked Michael about his takeout choices - and whether or not we'd recognize a masked Michael exiting his favorite spot. Well, he'll practically be incognito in his black Adidas mask as he exits Chipotle or Taco Bell but you'll definitely be able to sniff him out when he arrives with his fragrant bag of Mexican food.

Not typically an alarmist, Michael shares that he recently had a close call that could have put him in the hot seat with David Brown. Thinking they were the last to leave the office, Michael and Ed George set the alarm and headed out the door.  Once outside, they discovered David's car in the parking lot and realized he was downstairs working out. Fortunately they were able to run back in before the alarm kicked in. Now WE don't mean to be alarmists Michael, but Ed can be a trickster so maybe, just maybe he pulled a fast one on you :)

Welcome to the team Michael!

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