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Feb 2, 2021 JJCA Office News
For almost a decade now, we've identified an annual theme that has been used to help guide our team and to find a new way each year to grow as people and business partners to our clients. Our themes are always verbs, propelling us to action in a positive direction. We've stretched, pushed, trusted, enjoyed, served, dug, and shaped our way through the past 7 years. Given what we lived through in 2020 and how we begin 2021, this year's theme of "breathe" seems particularly apropos. Though it is one of the most natural of reflexes, did you know that breathing is one of the few vital bodily functions that can be controlled consciously as well as unconsciously? And how many of us have found ourselves almost literally holding our breath as we've been bombarded by the crises that are ever present in the news these days?

So for 2021, we remind ourselves to breathe, to be mindful, to recognize that nothing gets done well in a hurry, particularly when it comes to relationships and high quality work. Our focus will be on prioritization of work with a sense of urgency that actually minimizes the occurrence of "urgent" issues. We'll learn from past mistakes, but without blame. And we'll take an extra breath to ask the right questions that will lead us to beautiful designs that improve the human experience.
We're ready to take on 2021 one deep breath at a time.
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