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Patient Experience
Feb 3, 2021 Stephanie Pielich Lessons Learned

Of course it is critical that any medical facility be a well-planned collection of the right spaces. However, with patient outcomes and experiences as key success metrics, design focus must not only be on the spaces but also the processes necessary to deliver exceptional care.

Here's how we help:

  • We ask the right questions to assist the facility in envisioning the desired patient experience:  How does the ideal space make you feel? What does it look like? How do you interact?  Keeping the goals in mind will help guide the decision-making process as the layout and spaces develop.
  • We spark operational discussions between staff and departments on how improvements in notifications or handoffs could elevate the staff and patient experience.  Can the patient check in at admitting, then admitting notify lab that Ms. Jones is in the waiting room without Ms. Jones checking in at a second desk?
  • We strive for complete and clear separation of public and staff areas and address any overlaps with great care to maximize the experience.
  • We address today's trends of remote check-ins and telemedicine by addressing where physical touch points between employees and staff occur and how we can make the most of those experiences. The space and processes need to address the privacy of the staff as well as the availability to aid the patient. We also consider how we can craft the telemedicine visit to be personal and efficient through the spaces and the technology. Sound, lighting and comfort of the space needs to be addressed, as well as technology and staff training, to be a success.
  • We help determine what tools the staff needs to create an exceptional experience. What is needed beyond the typical building and space layouts delivered through mock-ups and staff reviews?  Consistency across electronic platforms to make care easier and more convenient needs to be considered. Patient experience can depend on the effectiveness of the staff rest/break areas as much as the spaces in which the care is delivered.

Every facility is unique, however, incorporating a discussion around desired patient outcomes and experiences will ensure a more successful project. 

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