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Samantha Phillips
May 19, 2021 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Meet Sam (short for Samantha), the newest member of our JJCA team as well as our JJCA subset of Auburn alum with architecture degrees. Sam, however, is our only team member with a minor in dance!  Before coming to JJCA, Sam spent some time as a research assistant working with a HUD grant given to the College of Architecture, Design and Construction at Auburn.

Sam hails from Deatsville, a suburb of Montgomery, Alabama with a population just under 1,700. Despite her small town upbringing, Sam's taste in food leans toward the international: queso is her undisputed fave!  If she is any indication, it is true that people from small towns are really friendly. Or is it dog people who are friendly? Either way, she's got it covered in a big way, with best buddy Hotch, the Great Dane. Sam says her podmates at work, Linda, Sommer and Jason V., are equally friendly. We're sure she'll pick up on a quirk or two eventually :)

One thing Sam learned about JJCA in her interview is that we're pretty relaxed and don't really stand on ceremony... If standing had been a part of her Zoom interview, we'd have discovered that she was in full Zoom attire: professional on the top, jammies on the bottom.

We know Sam's going to be great with the work and particularly with our clients: with her background in dance, she can literally do back flips for them.  Welcome Sam!


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