Whistling While He Works

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Will Parker
Jul 23, 2021 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

It's been five years (and two months, but who is counting?) since Will Parker joined the JJCA team and we want to pause for a moment to celebrate. This is a guy who really "gets us". He says he always wanted to work with people who were intentional and cared for people and that goes right to the heart of the JJCA culture!

If you asked one of his team members to describe Will (and we did, thanks Linda!) you'd probably not be surprised to hear him described as helpful, curious and thoughtful. Dig through his office drawers and you'll find photos of his wife and children, so he is just an all around nice guy, right? I mean, he even says that his favorite JJCA tradition is picking up great new info from the lessons learned shared in Monday morning staffing meetings. And it just gets better: Will says people will know he is in a good mood when he is whistling!

Isn't this guy just perfect??  Uhhh, wait, wait - we just dug a little further in his desk drawer...  what are these? Notes on Nerf War Armageddon, a receipt for a Nerf Hyper Mach-100 Fully Motorized Blaster??? WHAT???  Hmmmm -  and didn't we just hear him whistling Eye of the Tiger?

Seriously, congratulations on 5 years Will!

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