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Lesson Learned
Aug 20, 2021 JJCA Lessons Learned

A penny saved is a penny earned, and a lot of pennies can be saved with this lesson learned, shared by Linda Mark.

So it makes sense that the conduit that comes out of the ground flush with a building exterior for things like a meter cabinet, CT cabinet and generator control items, needs a flat surface to smoothly connect to the cabinets that will be installed on the side of the building. However, it's an easy miss when design elements, such as the brick wainscot in this particular image, create a bump-out. Fortunately, this issue was discovered in the field right before the brick masons got to this area and that allowed for the solution seen below, of creating a flat brick area with corresponding wainscot that will "frame" the cabinets once installed.  A great catch and a new lesson learned!

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