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Eric Francies
Dec 8, 2021 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Give a virtual shout-out to our new "remote" team member, Eric Francis. Eric brings years of experience to his new position at JJCA of specifications writer. Eric, a University of Kansas graduate with degrees in environmental design and architecture, has worked on well over one hundred projects that range from hospitals and blast-resistant buildings, to a 4.4 million square-foot mixed-use development in Doha, Qatar.

As spec writer, Eric has responsibility for researching, developing and updating master specifications to be included in JJCA standards. In short, specs detail the quality requirements needed to complete a construction project. Eric says when clairvoyance fails him, his job is to document lots of assumptions. Either way, the objective is to translate the design vision to reality.

As a predominately remote team member, Eric's home base is Kansas City, Missouri but we shouldn't be too surprised if one day we see the Sagrada Familia, Kathmandu or a French cafe in the background of his Zoom screen. Eric, wife Lillian and youngest son Eli are big travelers and Barcelona, Nepal and Paris are potential targets for a second home. (We'd be quite happy to visit them in any of these destinations...)

When Eric isn't busy traveling, you might find him with a power tool in his hand, following in the footsteps of his father, who was a carpenter/home builder.  A former day-trader, Eric now labels himself a "week-trader", largely favoring commodities. Maybe he can turn straw into gold!

We'll have to give some serious thought to how we engage Eric in one of our epic office nerf gun battles but he says he is up for it. He's sure Eli would enjoy seeing his dad get hammered by the JJCA nerf squad as payback for years of being pelted by dad with foam balls!

Your virtually a part of our team Eric - welcome!

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