A Time to Cultivate

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Jan 3, 2022 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

It has been our tradition for many years to have an JJCA annual theme. It is our rallying cry for the year, uniting our team in a common goal for personal and professional enhancement. For just a few of our themes, we've shaped, we've served, and most recently, in 2021, we breathed.

For 2022, we will "cultivate", with a goal of making sure we are all growing in the right direction. We know we have the right seeds in the ground, with a strong vision, mission and core values. We have great clients and a talented team of individuals. We are blessed with many wonderful projects. So in 2022, we will spend time cultivating: committing and recommitting to growing stronger relationships among our team and with our clients, continuously nurturing our skills, creating a great environment for budding innovation, and producing our best crop of work yet! 

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