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Jason Putnal
Jan 24, 2022 Jason Putnal Improving the Human Experience

AL!VE is the culmination of several years of collaboration between Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital and the local community in Charlotte, Michigan to develop an innovative, experiential health and wellness concept. Born out of a fairly simple need for the local hospital to expand medical services, AL!VE is an integrated approach to healthcare that seeks to promote true lifestyle change by drawing health out rather than pounding it in.

"One of the first times I visited AL!VE after the first couple of phases of construction had been completed and moved into, I was talking and walking with someone and not paying a lot of attention to where I was going. As we approached the famous walking path that runs through the building, I almost got run over by a little elderly lady.  She was walking around and around on that path to get her morning exercise.  She, like many people in the Charlotte community, has taken seriously to using AL!VE and the different wellness opportunities it offers.  That walking trail goes throughout the building and continues outside around the parking lot, through strategically- placed berms around the campus, and back into the building. In the wintertime, it offers an all-indoor place for the community to get their exercise away from the snow and cold weather outside. It was all part of the design intent, but to see it used and taken so seriously was an experience I won’t soon forget."  Jason Putnal

Watch our blog for more posts that illustrate the fulfillment of our vision of improving the human experience through thoughtful design.

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