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May 6, 2022 David Johnson Fostering Creative Minds

At JJCA, our vision is improving the human experience through thoughtful design as we live and breathe the practice and craft of architecture. Across the board, we love what we do and the clients we work for.

Flowing from that vision is our mission, of which one aspect is “develop intentionally.” This mission permeates our approach to buildings and to our people. 

We know our investment in developing leaders is critical to carrying the firm forward. As a part of this investment, we are sponsoring our key leaders involvement in Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and midsize business leaders. Their coaching and advisory approach helps professionals achieve better results with leadership impact, which leads to company growth and long-term sustainability.

We’re proud to recognize Stephanie Pielich’s one-year anniversary as a Vistage member. She has committed many hours to developing her leadership skills, and we appreciate her efforts. (Other JJCA partners who are or have been Vistage members include David Brown and Steven Reutter.) Already, many ideas and concepts introduced at Vistage meetings have impacted our day-to-day operations. From more frequent and open communication to a better understanding of how to navigate the pandemic, Vistage has been a valuable source of actionable information for our firm.

Congratulations, Stephanie, on this Vistage milestone!

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