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Jul 5, 2022 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Renovation projects are always a bit challenging. One of the biggest challenges is that the original drawings are sometimes hard to come by. And while we know how to deal with the things we can see, it can be difficult to know what was going on when the building was originally built. So our approach is that it is always best to go back to the original drawings so we know exactly the best way to move forward.

Stephanie Pielich is starting renovation work on a few patient wings at the Willow Springs Center in Reno, Nevada. During her initial site visit, she hoped to find existing building drawings to help her team know what was originally built. But for a building 35 years old, she also knew it would take some luck and some digging.

With her best adventurer attitude, Stephanie dug through boxes in an old storage room. Lo and behold, there they were! And even more of a treasure, she found the Yearwood + Johnson drawings from 1987 for which Ed Johnson was most likely the architect.

Finding the drawings was not only a trip down memory lane but also a valuable find for the current project. Stephanie’s got a little swagger like Indiana Jones now, and we’re glad she has a good eye.

And now because of a history of doing good things started years ago by Ed, Stephanie and her team can keep doing them in the future.

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