Wrapping Up Another JJCA Cornhole Games

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Nov 4, 2022 JJCA Office News

JJCA is quite the team, at least that’s what we always say. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves about how good our teamwork is, and the annual Cornhole Games is one of the best places to throw down the gauntlet.

October 7 was the date of our seventh annual contest, and it was as competitive—and creative—as usual. Something was new this year, though, as we crowned newbie Kris Teubel as our 2022 “Cornmissioner” who presided over the games. Linda Mark was the previous Cornmissioner, who seemed plenty happy to turn the bags and boards over to Kris.

“The tournament was hard fought and well-earned this year,” says Kris. “We had great weather and even better personalities as eight teams went head-to-head to earn their way to one of the winner’s medals. We handed out certificates for the best-dressed team, best trick shot, and, best of all, the first team knocked out of the tournament.”

Susan judged the trick shot competition and the participants voted as a group for the best-dressed team.

Each team decided on its own name and costume:

  1. U Can’t Husk This – David Brown and Ed (Best Dressed Team Certificate)
  2. A.G.S. – Jenny & Kris
  3. The Corn Flakes – CJ & Sam
  4. The Beanee Winnies – Sarah & Michael H. - Best Trick Shot Certificate (Sarah’s Jump Shot)
  5. Gimme a team name please – Tim & Kaela
  6. Slack Attack – Stephanie & Sydney
  7. A Big Lump with Knobs – Jason & Alyssa
  8. Team A-maize-ing – Bishoy & Linda (First Team Out Certificate)

The competition culminated with the top three finishers. Drum roll please…..

Third Place – The Corn Flakes

Second Place – U Can’t Husk This

Champions – A Big Lump With Knobs

Clearly, we compete with a little humor and perhaps a bit more bravado. We love what we do, and enjoy the company of colleagues, especially when we get to express our creativity in playful ways.

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