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Dec 29, 2022 JJCA Improving the Human Experience

Looking in the rearview mirror is necessary when driving a car. You want to know that you have a clear path when you make a turn, switch lanes, or pull out of a parking space. Looking back to make sure it’s safe to go forward is a good driving habit.

Well, before we get too focused (and excited) for 2023, we’re taking glimpses back at 2022 and feel we’re in a great place to move forward next year.

Way back in the early days of 2022, we leaned into the new “Cultivate” theme with gusto. We’ve been enjoying having our JJCA team members together every other Friday when we sit around the conference table and share insights of all types. From discussing how to detail specific parts of the building to strategies to deal with life’s stresses, we knew we were not only sharing useful information but also creating deeper work relationships that improve projects as well as perspectives.

The rear-view check-in also reminds us that we have three new faces on the ride at year's end. We’re thankful for Kris Teubel (our newly-appointed Corn-Missioner), Bishoy Kamel (whose passion for soccer added sparkle to our World Cup conversations), and Sydney Wingate (who keeps us all on top of the latest and greatest coffee shop specialties). Adding team members always changes the office dynamics, and we’re grateful for fresh ideas and new perspectives that keep us on our toes.

And then there are the projects that drive our professional passions. New opportunities emerge, and we’re excited when we get the thumbs up to move ahead, whether a long-term relationship or a completely new client. Our work is always in a state of flux between new tasks and others that achieve the final completion date and ribbon-cutting celebration.

We’re always excited to begin master planning projects because we have a chance to dream alongside clients, knowing that the road ahead into design and construction (even over many years) will be full of excitement and service to end-users and communities. This planning process reminds us that we’re part of a bigger picture than a healthcare facility or school and that our work matters for years and generations to come.

Looking back also gives us a chance to say “bah-bye” to COVID. Our practice of cultivating relationships allowed us to get through those difficult times, and now we’re dealing with market pricing volatility and supply chain issues. We’re grateful to survive challenging times with even stronger work habits and camaraderie.

And as a fitting way to end the year 2022, we’re dealing with a fire sprinkler pipe that broke and flooded part of the office. After a couple of days of cleanup, we are definitely ready to see 2022 end as we put our office back together knowing it will take a while.

Still, we can’t get too caught up in the rearview mirror because we’re on a busy road and there’s traffic to navigate. After this quick look, we’re turning around and looking ahead. Isn’t it amazing that the windshield is way bigger than the rearview mirror? That must be a sign that the path forward holds even more excitement and opportunity.

We’re fastening our seat belts, grabbing the wheel, and settling in for a great ride in 2023.

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