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Jan 5, 2023 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Words matter, especially when we want them to frame how we work with clients and colleagues. Every year, we collaborate to find just the right word that will help us focus our efforts. A year ago, we chose “cultivate” to help us bring our vision to life.


… to prepare and use …

… try to acquire or develop …

… give special attention …

Our JJCA team gathered in December to reflect on how we lived our vision through the lens of “cultivate” in 2022. We remembered how we planned projects and how we used our knowledge and expertise to deliver excellence. We talked about how to continue using technology to streamline and improve our documents and renderings. We welcomed new employees to the JJCA fold, and listen to their excitement and ideas as we help them grow their knowledge and careers.

We reflected on what we learned throughout the year, and how those lessons will have an impact on future success.

We gave special attention to team members by celebrating noteworthy promotions and accomplishments. Current Associates Linda Mark, Michael Speck, and Jason Putnal were recognized and awarded the new position of “Senior Associate,” while Tim Morgan, our man of many talents that pass outside the realm of Associate was granted the new position of “Senior Magician.Their handmade custom cloaks hardly convey our appreciation and admiration for their contributions to the firm. Watch future blog posts to learn more about why they are so special to us.

Our time together was full of team building, celebrating, and preparing for the coming year. We balanced looking back with thinking ahead and reminded ourselves of the importance of cultivating the hard work of our team members on our clients’ behalf.

Getting away to focus on what makes our firm valuable to clients and employees feeds our creativity and camaraderie, and we know the fun stories and experiences shared will keep coming up throughout the next year.

So, as we look back at 2022, we are glad “cultivate” was our word for the year.

We’re excited about next year’s vision and how we’ll use it to frame our work in 2023.

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