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Mar 1, 2023 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

It’s always a good day when we can share exciting news about our JJCA team. And today is especially outstanding because we’re announcing an entirely new level of leadership: we have three new Senior Associates and one Senior Magician!

Linda Mark, Jason Putnal, and Michael Speck are our inaugural Senior Associates which recognizes their “significant growth and loyalty, paired with a continued spirit of always pushing JJCA and themselves to be better than the day before,” says David Brown, Principal. “These professionals have the qualities that are notable, including dedication, pursuing learning and growth, client focus, and are always available to help win new work. They consistently build strong relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues.”

Tim Morgan is also sporting an entirely custom JJCA cape. We’ve named him Senior Magician for his amazing know-what-to-do, know-the tools-to-do-it, and know-how-to-make-our-technology-platforms-work skills.

Linda has been with JJCA for 20 years. “JJCA has always encouraged my professional growth. I remember being a little uncomfortable early in my career. But there was always a safety net of peers who supported me as I learned new things and applied them. This promotion is a reminder of the investment JJCA has made in me to grow as an architect and something I continue to do with our younger staff. Taking time to mentor them and seeing how they grow is very exciting to me.”

“It’s nice to be recognized for more than two decades of hard work and commitment to our craft,” says Jason, “and it’s exciting to be involved in the long-term planning at JJCA. What I’m really excited about are the doors that are now open for our younger staff. With all three of the associates being named senior associates, there is an opportunity for our hardworking, committed younger staff to grow into new roles in the firm. I think the future is bright and look forward to seeing how it unfolds.”

Michael has been at JJCA for over 25 years. “Being made Senior Associate along with these teammates is an exciting opportunity to continue to work together to shape the future of JJCA,” he says. “The people at JJCA – beginning with Ed Johnson – have been mentors and friends who have helped me develop my knowledge and career. As I look forward, I’m excited to consider how I can mentor and develop other professionals in our office as they work to improve our built environment.”

Tim has been at JJCA since 1999, which represents 50.7 percent of his life, and 100% of his career. As Senior Magician, he insists that his time at JJCA hasn’t been all smoke and mirrors. "Part of my responsibility here is to take sketches and turn them into beautiful presentations and 3D visualizations. I also make sure our team has the tools and equipment to do their job effectively and to be there when technology gives folks trouble. Do this enough times and people believe you have special powers, but like all my co-workers, it's just the result of hard work and effort."

Kudos to Linda, Jason, and Michael, our new Senior Associates! And to Tim Morgan, our Senior Magician!

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