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Jun 8, 2023 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

We love healthcare design. From patient spaces to surgical rooms, we’re always attuned to how people work and recover in a healing environment. Going onsite helps us create better solutions, which can often be a professional rite of passage for our team members. One of those career moments is donning special attire during a visit.

Take JJCA’s Sam Phillips, for instance. She was on a work trip recently to the Gritman Medical Center in Moscow, Idaho. To walk through the operating rooms with staff, she had to suit up in clean room attire to access sterile surgery locations. This was Sam’s first time in a bunny suit, as we call them.

It’s normal procedure to wear these suits to prevent outside germs from contaminating the clean spaces within the OR. While we want to understand firsthand how staff use the spaces, we don’t want to contaminate anything or require any additional cleaning activities.

Stephanie Pielich was there to capture the momentous occasion as they worked with hospital staff to review the functionality of the rooms and spaces. As designers, we must understand the workflow of the people operating in the spaces and how they work with the equipment so we can be sure architectural components can enhance the efficiency and functionality of the rooms.

Sam hopped, er, walked away with fresh insights now that she’s gone behind the scenes and experienced the spaces that she draws every day.

Well done, Sam! Cheers to clothing comfort and safe project visits!

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