Mission accomplished: design the annual JJCA picnic T-shirt

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Jun 30, 2023 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Most of the time, our JJCA team members are the epitome of collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation. After all, excellent design is an iterative process, and the more we pull together with creative camaraderie, the better the project.

And then, sometimes, our JJCA team is a little competitive.

For example, when we design the T-shirts for the annual company picnic, it’s an all-out creative contest. And everyone brings their best-in-class, top-notch “A” game attitude. We prefer to think of it as a little friendly competition.

This year, we did it a little differently and used the design charrette process where employees came prepared with sketches and/or ideas to share. By the end of the meeting, we had voted on a single design and appointed a volunteer to make a digitized sketch for the T-shirt company.

We had Ground Rules:

  • This was voluntary. This wasn’t meant to add to already full plates or stress anyone out. Still, we love to see each other’s creativity.
  • People could work alone or with a partner.
  • Designers could create a digital design or hand sketch, but what they created is what the shirt will look like.
  • T-shirts were printed in a single color, which is both a constraint and an opportunity.
  • Previous shirts have included a year for how old JJCA is (we are celebrating 32 years this year!), reference to a BBQ (pig, grill, etc.) or JJCA (logo or otherwise).
  • Team members were encouraged to submit more than one design.
  • The winner got to choose the color of the shirt (there was a front pocket!)

In the end, our design is a product of the true design charrette process, where the outcome was the culmination of great creativity, collaboration, and a dose of iron sharpening iron to bring out the best design.

Stay tuned for a future blog about the company picnic and the winning T-shirt reveal.

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