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Sep 1, 2023 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Harry Hadlock is our newest JJCA team member, and you can tell from his accent that he’s not a native Tennessean. That’s ok! His passion for architecture and positive personality are a great fit for our team.

Harry hails from Garden City, New York (part of Long Island), and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Auburn University in 2016. He moved to Nashville shortly after graduation. He met his wife, Drew, here, and they’re one of “those” couples who married in 2020. (Covid, WOO HOO, he says.)

He became interested in architecture in high school, a different path from everyone in his immediate family who are all in the business/finance industries. He chose to pursue a more creative, imaginative field, even studying abroad in Italy in 2013. His favorite building is currently Fallingwater, which he describes as the perfect harmony of architecture and nature. “Plain and simple, it is just an iconic piece of work,” he says.

What sparked his interest in JJCA? “I appreciate the JJCA culture and work. Our design beliefs and processes create the right solution for each individual site. And in the office, everyone has a positive attitude which leads to a good working culture.”

Harry’s a huge fan of all sports and is an avid golfer. Just ask him about any Auburn sport or the New York Mets, and he’ll tell you all the latest stats. He’s also a video game player, cigar smoker, pizza-eater, vinyl collector, and classic rock enthusiast.

We’re glad you landed in Nashville, Harry! Welcome to the team!

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