2024 Theme: Agility

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Feb 19, 2024 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Change is constant.  We’re focused on agility this year because our clients and team members need us to adapt easily to merge fresh ideas with proven best practices. Every day is a new opportunity to add a touch of the special JJCA mission to improve the human experience through thoughtful design.

For our clients

As we listen and pursue solutions, we pledge to incorporate time-tested expertise with a nimble spirit. It is our responsibility to adjust to ever-shifting landscapes, financial constraints, 3 AM wake up calls with questions and worries, and understand a client’s desire to be truly heard and responded to.

For our team

We’re growing. Last year we focused on excellence, knowing it’s a pursuit not a destination. But we know there’s always a tendency to stasis, to relax, to rest on what we’ve learned and what we’ve been good at.

We want to work that tendency out of our tendons and respond quickly to clients and colleagues. It’s muscle confusion that creates growth in fitness. We promise to adjust our approach to fit the situation, and adapt to new environments and new challenges. We’re not going to shy away from the tests we’re presented with.

We’re going to be agile.


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