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Apr 9, 2024 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

With the sun smiling down on us, the JJCA family gathered at Walnut Trace Farm, the charming property of David and Grace Johnson, for our much-anticipated Founders Day celebration. The weather offered us a perfect 70-degree day to enjoy the festivities alongside our significant others and children, some of whom have grown before our very eyes at gatherings over the past 33 years.

We reveled in simple pleasures—cornhole competitions, a serene knitting corner, and the tranquil beauty of pastures that beckoned for leisurely strolls. Children who once toddled at previous picnics now shared their tales, embodying the passage of time and the growth of our JJCA family. As Linda Mark said, we used to have bouncy houses and little ones running around, now no bouncy houses (though some of the adults may have been happy to have them 😊).

The air was filled with the scent of Martin’s BBQ—a feast of pulled pork, sliced turkey, ribs, and an array of sides. Yet, the banana pudding emerged as the uncontested star, with no dollop left to tell the tale. Tim Morgan's absence was felt, not just for his missed presence but for the legendary bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers that remained lore for another day.

David’s grace before the meal was touching. It reminded us of the beauty of watching our families grow alongside our business. These reflections brought us closer as we realized the swift passage of time and the value of these shared moments.

While our day was free of agility exhibitions or challenging pasture contests, it was filled with something far more valuable—the joy of togetherness. This Founders Day was a gentle pause from our fast-paced work life, a reminder of the vibrant and supportive culture that defines our firm.

At JJCA, Founders Day is not just an event; it reflects who we are: vibrant, inclusive, and ever-evolving. Here's to many more years of creating memories, building connections, and embracing the merriment that makes us uniquely JJCA.

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