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Chicago Deep Dish
Nov 3, 2016 JJCA Office News

Can you be "lean" and still have deep dish pizza? Just ask David Brown and Blake Daniels, who recently attended the LCI (Lean Construction Institute) conference in Chicago and they'll tell you YES!

There was much to learn at the 2016 conference, held at the historic Chicago Hilton Hotel. This year's theme was "The People Side of Lean," with many topics covering how to build a culture of Lean thinkers. It's not enough to go through the motions, you have to "be" Lean. Participating in the LCI conference is one of many ways in which JJCA is working to truly "be" all things Lean.

Of course, Chicago is the ideal city for architecture and deep dish pizza. In the spirt of Lean, David and Blake ensured an efficient devouring of every slice - no waste there!

LCI Conference 2016

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