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Mara Caoile
Jul 25, 2018 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

We welcome our newest team member, Mara Caoile. She comes to JJCA fresh out of UT Knoxville with a Bachelor of Architecture - and a minor in French, which is her third language. Her native language is Filipino, as she was born in Manila and lived there until she moved with her family to Nashville in 2006.

If you think that's where the interesting stuff ends, guess again. Mara is quite the colorful person. Picture her with blue hair, in her handmade clothes, strumming a bass guitar! She says she was a pretty eccentric, expressive teenager, thanks in part to having attended a visual and performing arts high school. That probably explains her passion for drawing, painting and all things art.

Mara is also quite the "guru", a CliftonStrengths profile she shares with just 1% of all participants in the Gallup survey each of our team members takes to give us perspective on how they can best contribute to the team. So it is no surprise that Mara loves to read. It is interesting to note that JJCA actually has two gurus: Mara and Michael Speck. (Now, find Michael here and picture him with blue hair!)

We think Mara will be a great fit at JJCA. After all, one of her pet peeves is when things don't go as planned. What great architect wouldn't want things to go according to a great plan??

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