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May 20, 2019 JJCA Improving the Human Experience

After months of intensive analysis, Hayes Green Beach (HGB) identified a solution to their OR issue that will have their existing two operating rooms functioning much more efficiently rather than incurring the added expense of additional OR's.

We've just completed phase 1 of a four-phase, $9 million project with HGB that will include new surgery staging/recovery rooms, staff lounge and locker rooms, central supply and equipment storage, new sterilizers, and more. The overall project will also involve relocating certain departments as well as demolishing outdated portions of the building - all in an effort to support and streamline the existing surgery department and improve patient and staff flow within the department.

It's no surprise with our friends at HGB that both patient and staff experiences are at the heart of this redesign effort. Employees will have two re-designed patient entrances and very intentionally designed “off-stage” spaces to help them maintain the proper mindset for delivering excellent patient care.

All of this is being accomplished under the careful leadership/orchestration of HGB’s President and CEO (Matt Rush), CFO (Kim Capps), an excellent hospital board (who is never afraid to think outside the box and do something different, even if no one has ever done it before), and countless other facility and medical staff - while HGB completes its formal affiliation with Sparrow.

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