Chase Turpin: Digging into Specs

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Oct 30, 2019 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Every year we identify a theme to guide us in some sort of continuous improvement. In 2019, our "Dig" theme has us looking for ways to improve upon our strengths to help us perfect our craft of architecture. When most people think of architects, they think of drawings. But specs are a critical part of making sure the building gets built as designed. That's why Chase Turpin decided that his mission for 2019 was to take a deeper dive into specifications.

“My main goal is to gain a better understanding of what is in our specs, why we write them the way we do, why we require what we require, and what the contractor is required to do/provide. This way, if I run into any sort of discrepancies down the road I will know how to defend our drawings. It's hard to argue a side if you don't know what's in the specs that go along with the drawings. I've gotten to attend some spec reviews this year and have also gone into SpecLink to edit/print specs. I still have miles to go on this endeavor, but I'm off to a good start.”

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