David Brown: Digging for New Gigs

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Nov 3, 2019 JJCA Projects

As we do every year, we kicked off 2019 with a new theme designed to inspire everyone at JJCA. This year's theme of "Dig" has had our team looking for ways to further exercise their strengths, with goals of everything from advancing knowledge on specs to increasing powers of observation. It's always good to stretch before you exercise, so David Brown has been stretching and digging!

"So with our recent strategic planning I think I've been stretching more than digging - attending chamber and ULI meetings, meeting with many consultants and contractors, researching multi-family design, financing, etc., and generally preparing us for marketing this new niche. It's been really fun to delve into this new market sector and this week we were able to take a big step towards getting our first "gig" with a conceptual charrette exercise for a potential project near the Gulch. We'll see!"


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