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Linda Mark
Nov 5, 2020 JJCA Lessons Learned

There's nothing more gratifying than experiencing something we've helped to build. Even though it had to be a virtual experience, Linda Mark was recently invited to be Explore! Community School's "Community Partner" during their regular Friday morning meeting in which they highlight one of the school's five core values: curiosity, community, compassion, courage, and craftmanship. While Linda, our education practice leader, embodies every one of these, on this particular day, "courage" was the selected value.

The program featured one student from each classroom and highlighted how each had demonstrated courage during the last week. Then it was Linda's turn to explain how she needs courage in her job as an architect. Linda explained to the audience that included Explore! K-5 students and staff, the importance of taking responsibility and ownership in our mistakes. She illustrated this by talking about how a project architect makes site visits during construction, just as Linda had done at Explore!  Linda spoke about how important it is to have the courage to speak up when something hasn't been done correctly, even if it is the result of a mistake made by the design team. The goal, as Linda shared, is to make sure all mistakes are identified and addressed, regardless of who made them, so that buildings like Explore! can provide the best possible experiences for students, staff and the community.

A lesson worth learning - thanks Linda!


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