Thankful in a Thankless Year

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thankful 2020
Nov 18, 2020 JJCA Lessons Learned

If you are a glass half full sort, it might be easy to simply write this year off, putting 2020 in the rear view mirror as quickly as possible. However, we think the tough times are when it's most important to count our blessings, so as we head into Thanksgiving, we've done just that:

David Brown
I’m so thankful for our clients who are flexible and willing to find new ways to work with us and keep things moving along. I’m also thankful for our resilient team who has kept their heads up, encouraged one another, and been patient with all that we’ve been through.

David Johnson
I am thankful for the friends and support that have made it so much easier to get through the last 8 months! I am thankful also for Walnut Trace Farm, where so many have been provided a place of peace and sanctuary to be outdoors, building relationships with their family and the special animals in their lives.

Ed George
I’m grateful for JJCA’s ability to have us work from home during this long stretch of time, and their ongoing understanding for extenuating circumstances on an individual basis.

Jason Putnal
I’m thankful for my wife. She’s incredibly supportive of me and especially the work we do at JJCA. She’s a great mother, example, and mentor to our three daughters. Her unique and Godly perspective helps me in more ways than I can count.

Julie Carpenter
While I am thankful for ALL of my family, I am especially grateful this year for my son Brandon. As he turns 25 this month, I have spent the past few days reminiscing and wishing he were closer to home. But what I know deep down is that he is happy, healthy, successful and following his dreams. And that is what matters!

Linda Mark
I am thankful for the amazing and continual support of JJCA during a very challenging year, both personally and professionally.

Meredith Cheatham
I am thankful that I finally got to marry my best friend of almost 9 years earlier this fall. We had to make adjustments but thankfully most of our family and friends were able to attend and celebrate with us.

Stefan Balcer
I am thankful for a team who is always there to help out when you need it, and always has your back. This has been more than needed this year with everything going on, and the team has done nothing but go above and beyond accommodating in this year of uncertainty.

Stephanie Pielich
I am thankful for my family: being able to be flexible and adapt to all the changes in schedule/plans and managing to have fun with each other in-between.

Steven Reutter
I can say that I am thankful for health… for the health of my family that so far we have been able to avoid COVID within our immediate family and close friends. I am thankful that my kids are safe and healthy (even with a broken arm and a recent trip to the ER). I am thankful that as an office family we’ve been able to survive the impact of COVID without any significant changes to our team.

Tim Morgan
I am grateful for the technology that allows us to continue to create special places without all having to be in the same special place. This year threw us many curveballs, but because we invest in technologies that keeps working when we’re traveling, we kept working when we all had to shelter at home.

Will Parker
I am grateful for family, friends, work and rest.

That sums it up pretty well Will.


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